1st Chinese Drywall Trial Results in $2.4M Award

The first product liability jury trial in the Chinese Drywall litigation yields a giant victory for home owners. A Miami, Florida jury returned a $2.4 million dollar verdict for the plaintiffs whose home was ruined by the foul-smelling drywall. We first reported this problem in our previous post entitled: “Defective Chinese Drywall Leads to Corrosion and Health Concerns for Homeowners.” This sulfur emitting drywall has been linked to health problems as well as problems with foul odors, corrosion of wiring, piping, computers and jewelry. The jury in this case not only returned a verdict for the cost of the repair, but also for loss of enjoyment of the house and for the likely reduction it in resale value. The outcome of this case, will surely impact the thousands of other Chinese drywall cases.