3 Ways to Better Your Chances of Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

social securitySuffering a serious injury can spin your life out of control, forcing you to pick up the pieces in a short amount of time. While it is quite helpful that the government offers Social Security disability benefits, you are not guaranteed to be approved for this compensation. Therefore, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you are thinking about applying for Social Security disability benefits.

1. Understand the appeals process if you are denied.

When you file a Social Security disability claim, you should be prepared to receive a notice of denial in the mail. Understandably, this can force you to become quite emotional, but you need to remain level-headed. A denial of your claim does not mean that you will not receive Social Security benefits. If and when this happens, you need to file an appeal with the help of your Social Security disability attorney. The SSA adheres to a strict and unchanging deadline of 60 days for appeals. Unless “good cause” for missing this deadline is clearly established, you will not be eligible for Social Security benefits if you wait too long. Therefore, one of the best ways to make sure you receive Social Security benefits is to file your appeal as soon as possible after speaking with your attorney.

2. Apply for benefits at the right time/under the right circumstances.

Many injured people seeking Social Security benefits wonder if it’s possible to receive them along with unemployment benefits. While this is technically possible, it’s generally discouraged. Most states will require you to prove that you are physically capable of working full-time in order to receive unemployment benefits. Obviously, this would juxtapose your claim for Social Security benefits, making it less likely that you will receive what you deserve. Furthermore, you should never file your claim too quickly. There’s a good chance you need money now because of your injury, but it’s in your best interest to carefully work through the process. You don’t want to rush it. That being said, you can always notify the SSA of your intent to file a claim immediately after suffering the injury.

3. Prioritize medical care and maintain your insurance.

The crux of a successful Social Security disability claim is ongoing medical treatment. Simply put, your claim has little to no chance of being approved if you cannot prove you are currently being treated for a debilitating condition. Extended medical insurance through COBRA should protect you from losing health insurance through your employer after taking leave due to an injury. While these premiums are expensive, they are a necessary evil to get your claim approved by the SSA.

Before you can take advantage of these tips and tricks, you should consult with an experienced and trusted disability attorney. You need to build a complete and thorough case to support your claim, which is impossible to achieve without the help of someone who knows the ins and outs of Social Security. The SSA has its own definition of complete disability, and you cannot afford to lose out on these benefits because your claim was not presented in a convincing manner. The Huntsville, AL, Social Security disability attorneys at Martinson & Beason, P.C. can give you the legal advice you need. Call today.