Dangerous Anniston Intersection to Receive Upgrades

The intersection of Henry Road and Eastern Bypass (also known as Veterans Memorial Parkway) in Anniston, Alabama has commuters and residents particularly concerned for safety. Since the portion of the Bypass opened, motorists have noticed the danger the intersection of the two major Anniston arteries poses and the startling lack of an acceleration lane to join the Bypass southbound from Henry Road.

The Anniston Star reports that 48 accidents at the intersection have occurred since February 2011, which averages out to about 1.6 accidents a month. Residents feel this number is too high. In addition to the high frequency of accidents, the speed of traffic is also of great concern, as cars heading southbound on the Bypass are coming down a mountain.

Most accidents that occur within the intersection are minor. However, the Star further reported one motorist’s graphic account of a motorcycle-car accident where the car turning onto the Parkway pulled out in front of the motorcycle. According to the motorist, “Everything just exploded on the car, and the motorcyclist — he was just airborne,”

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is preparing to add an acceleration lane to assist drivers turning right onto the Bypass from Henry Road. While the addition of an acceleration lane should improve safety to a degree, commuters remain wary of the danger posed in crossing the southbound lanes to turn right onto the Bypass as well as the short length of the turn lane for Henry Road.

The City and State eventually plan to connect the Eastern Bypass with U.S. Highway 431. Once this connection occurs, many more travelers will utilize the route to avoid driving through town and more safety features will likely be added to the busy intersection.

The Anniston car accident attorneys of Martinson & Beason P.C. remind you to slow down and exercise caution if you find yourself driving near this dangerous intersection. Unfortunately, not all accidents are avoidable. Take a look at our Step-By-Step Car Accident Guide and consider leaving it in your car as a precaution.