Shopping Safety

Shopping Safety | Huntsville, ALEven with the prevalence of Internet connectivity and e-commerce sites, many of us still can’t avoid going out to the local mall or department store to shop. Stores often offer deals this time of year, which can make in-store shopping more beneficial. However, it does present some dangers. After all, having many people crammed together, in a hurry to get home or get to the next store, can mean trouble. Here are some shopping safety tips to keep in mind this season:

Dress appropriately. This tip goes double for footwear. For instance, heels and open-toed shoes really aren’t the best choice for icy mall parking lots and crowded store aisles. You could slip and fall, or someone could step on your foot, leading to injury.

Be aware. You, like everyone else, have thousands of things on your mind while looking for this year’s hottest toy; however, it’s really important that you stay aware of your surroundings. With chaos reigning in many stores, there are likely to be hazards (dropped items) littering the aisleways. Be on the lookout to avoid tripping. This tip will also help you avoid theft, such as someone walking off with your wallet, and parking lot fender benders.

Don’t overload yourself. If you’re making a large purchase, ask a store associate to help you to your car, or bring along a friend or family member to provide assistance. When you’re juggling too many items, you’re more likely to fall or knock some unsuspecting stranger over.

Keep purchases out of sight. If you’re making multiple shopping trips, keep previous purchases in your trunk or at least out of sight. If items, especially sought-after or expensive items, are in plain view, your vehicle is more likely to be broken into.

Check credit card statements. Save the receipts from your holiday shopping spree, and once the credit card statement arrives, carefully compare the two. Look for any erroneous charges. If you find any, report them to the credit card company right away.

We encourage you to stay safe this season. However, if you do end up getting injured, be sure to talk with a doctor and document the incident as soon as possible.