U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum in Huntsville, AL

US VeteransLocated in the northern part of Alabama, Huntsville comes in as the fourth largest city in the state. While there are many things that are special to this town, one attraction that we hold close to our hearts is the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum on Airport Road SW. With everything that our veterans have done for us, it is nice to work so close to a place that pays homage to these heroes.

This museum works in three different areas: historical preservation, public display, and public education. While all veterans are honored within these grounds, the museum holds a great emphasis on those who fought for the United States in World War I. Many Huntsville residents as well as visitors come to the museum to remember those family members and loved ones who fought and lost there lives in the war. The museum commemorates those from all different areas of the military, including men and women from the front line, doctors, researchers, and many other positions held.

Types of items one can see at the museum include tableaus, artifacts, and memorabilia that date back as far as the Revolutionary War. The museum also includes more than 30 historical vehicles from World War I to the present. One of the most popular attractions is the oldest surviving Jeep, the Ford Pygmy. This vehicle is an example of what would later become the Jeep that we know today. People have travelled to Huntsville from all over the country to see this vehicle, resulting in it being the most viewed item at the museum.

The museum has no paid employees and runs only by volunteers. Many of these workers are veterans themselves, adding to the authenticity of the experience. The museum also holds different events and expos that range from educational to competitive. There are many things that this facility has to offer on top of being a fully functioning museum.

The facility runs on donations. Instead of selling tickets, there is a suggested donation price of five dollars for adults and four dollars for senior citizens. And, of course, veterans are always welcome at no price. Group tours are available and the museum is open from 10am-4pm Wednesday through Saturday.

If you live in the Huntsville area and have not had a chance to visit the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum, the attorneys are Martinson & Beason, P.C. strongly advise that you to take some time to visit.

Photo Credit: Jinx! via Compfight cc