Alabama Supreme Court Races More Important Than Ever

While this a gubernatorial election year in Alabama, arguably the most important state wide races that will affect the average Alabamian are the races for the Alabama Supreme Court. While there are legitimate concerns over frivolous lawsuits and judicial activism a real concern that most Alabamians don’t recognize until they need it is equal access to Justice. A review of the Alabama Supreme Court’s pro Corporate America decisions shed some light on the difficulty the average Alabamian has in gaining equal access to Justice.

Judicial conservatives and pro-business candidates tout caps on damages as a means of “tort reform” to reduce frivolous lawsuits and lower insurance rates; however, how many individuals, property owners, small businessmen, fishermen, and others in the Gulf Coast would now think BP’s liability for the untold Billions in damages they are causing should be capped?

In selecting a candidate for the Alabama Supreme Court I would encourage Alabamians to vote for someone who has the integrity to stand up to Corporate America. Look at the candidates background and experience and ask yourself has this candidate fought for equal access to Justice? Tom Edwards, a Montgomery, Alabama attorney who is running for the Alabama Supreme Court has made his career out of fighting for equal access to Justice. Tom is a graduate of Auburn University Montgomery and Jones School of Law. Tom states he is “Running to restore integrity, balance and impartiality to the Court.” He wants to put a stop the dangerous trend of judicial activism that has developed that places profits over people, violating our family Judeo-Christian values.

We at Martinson & Beason proudly support Tom Edwards for the Alabama Supreme Court. For more information about Tom Edward’s campaign visit his website at