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My closing was postponed due to probate. Mac let me know what and why the closing was postponed and provided scenarios as to what might happen going forward. This communication allowed us to make changes to our finances and make the time of probate work to our advantage. Mac was simply great at seeing our closing through to the end. We appreciate his professionalism and certainly recommend Mac and his staff to anyone considering a real estate purchase. Many thanks.


I highly recommend Morris Lilienthal!

Morris Lilienthal is an outstanding lawyer, and our family is so grateful that we found him when we needed him! Our college son was hit by an uninsured and unlicensed SUV driver while leaving UAH in September 2012 on his motorcycle.

[…] I believe that due to Morris’ overall skills and abilities, Ryan netted a higher settlement. Although the netted settlement Ryan received doesn’t compensate the pain and suffering that Ryan endured, it does; however, make Ryan and his parents feel somewhat vindicated that Ryan recovered something from that horrible moment where the ill actions of another person hurt him as much as it did.

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Stephanie Hoban

Morris Lilienthal and his legal assistant Sara Barnes took care of my MVA personal injury case from day one with the utmost care. They responded to any questions that I had and were always available when I needed them. Mr. Lilienthal is a very skilled attorney and I was awarded a substantially fair amount of settlement because of his work. It was a pleasure doing business with this firm and I would highly recommend them.

Beverly Stockton

Martinson & Beason has performed three real estate closings for us within the last 4 years. Mac Martinson and his staff are prudent and sohphisticated with regard to the process of closing real estate transactions. Every question we had was answered on a timley basis with professionalism. One of our three transactions had the potential to get sideways, but Mac brought it through to closing without a hitch. I highly recommend Mac Martinson and his staff for any real estate needs. They will guide you through the process and provide a level of comfort you won’t experience at another firm.


Morris Lilienthal is an outstanding attorney — knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring, personable, talented, and hard-working. As parents of a 20-year-old son who, through no fault of his own, was seriously injured in a car accident, we’re thankful our son chose Morris to represent him. Morris and his assistant, Sara, expertly dealt with the insurance companies, medical providers, phone calls, paperwork, medical bills, and more — taking a huge weight off our shoulders and enabling us to focus on taking care of our son. Morris genuinely cared about our son and our family, and in every way possible, he went out of his way to make this difficult time easier for us. He kept the three of us well-informed and well-advised every step of the way. Morris worked diligently on our son’s behalf, and he skillfully negotiated the best possible settlement for our son — leaving no stone unturned. Morris Lilienthal is a good man and a great attorney, and we enthusiastically recommend him.

Beverly Allen

In 2014 some of our property was being taken by the state and county for a road widening project through the “eminent domain” process, with which we had no prior experience. The offer made seemed low compared to other settlements we had seen. We contacted Mac Martinson with Martinson and Beason to help us evaluate our situation. He contacted an appraiser familiar with this process and they supported us at the probate judges hearing. With their help, we received a considerable increase over the initial offer. Mac is very responsive and professional and I would highly recommend him for any legal needs you may have.


I wholeheartedly recommend Morris Lilienthal. Having sustained a number of injuries in an auto accident, I required legal assistance in managing my medical bills and in negotiating a settlement. Selecting the right lawyer was a critical decision, and I couldn’t have chosen anyone better than Mr. Lilienthal. Through his thorough and efficient work, all the legal paperwork was handled and a settlement quickly negotiated. In addition, Mr. Lilienthal’s frequent communication and personable manner greatly alleviated my stress during that difficult time.

Justin Allen, client of Morris Lilienthal

My son and I were in an auto wreck in which my hand was broken. I can not say enough about the extremely professional and high level of service that my family received from Attorney Morris Lilienthal and his Assistant Ms Sara Barnes. The entire firm was 1st class! Attorney Lilienthal initially visited my home and gave me great information and advice.Attorney Lilienthal and Ms Barnes stayed in constant communication with me and helped me stay on top of the process and my bills during this very stressful time. Attorney Lilienthal negotiated a extremely fair settlement for our family. I am extremely thankful and grateful for Attorney Lilienthal. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs an excellent lawyer!

D Royal, client of Morris Lilienthal

I came to be represented by Mr. Lilienthal following a motor vehicle accident involving multiple vehicles. As a military service member, I was looking for an attorney that had represented military personnel before. Martinson and Beason’s web site showed them to be familiar with the military and, specifically, the military medical system to include their peculiar billing system. Agreeing to represent me, Mr. Lilienthal and his team developed a sound approach to handling this complex case. In most cases, I was provided updates on my case by Morris personally. When I had called to speak with Mr. Lillianthal and he was unavailable, I would always receive a call back from him within 24 hours. Hindered by the fact that one of the key witnesses spoke very little English, they coordinated for the use of a trusted interpreter in order to depose them. The resultant testimony of that witness and several other key witnesses following my deposition by the defendants attorney at the Martinson and Beason law offices ended with an award in my favor. The agreed-to fees were fair and, in my opinion, were below industry norms.

Rob, client of Morris Lilienthal

You are a great lawyer with impeccable honesty and integrity – rare qualities these days. I simply stated the truth as relates to the services you have provided me and my family members through the years, and I feel confident you will continue to provide the same for many more. Have a great day.

Ann Spivey, client of Doug Martinson, Sr.

Doug..don’t let this go to your head..but I find you to be probably the best commercial property attorney I have ever had the pleasure to work with. You have always been so responsive, professional and taken such good care of our clients..Just wanted to say that I appreciate  that.

Donna Blue, Real Estate Broker and client of Doug Martinson, Sr.

I went to Martinson & Beason with a very unusual case, I had slipped on a very greasy floor at a local restaurant and injured by back. I had to have two surgeries and my life was changed forever. When I called them they came to me and did a wonderful job of handling my injury claim. The staff is great, very caring bunch of people, I received a large settlement in under two years. I want to especially thank Mr. Morris Lilienthal (attorney) and Sara Barnes for all that they did. I highly recommend this firm for their professionalism and abilities. They went beyond the norm in handling this case. They are a FIVE STAR FIRM!

Suzanne Hicks

Morris is prepared, compassionate, caring lawyer.

Morris was the most prepared lawyer, he outshined 7 other lawyers. Morris communicated everything that was going to happen, he was knowledgeable. He cared about me. I would use him again, without hesitation.

Ken Jelonek – truck accident client.

I used Mac Martinson with Martinson and Beason for the purchase of my home in 2001, and the refinance of my home. I have also used Martinson and Beason for my family estate planning. The attorneys and their support staff are knowledgeable of the law and very helpful with any questions that I might have had during (and after) my real estate closings. I would highly recommend them for any legal needs that you may have.


I sustained injuries due to an accident I was involved in while commuting to my job on my motorcycle. The driver of a large commercial vehicle pulled out in front of me. I knew I would need help dealing with a large companies insurace adjusters so I decided to contact an attorney. I reached out to several Law firms about my case.Morris Lilienthal was the first one to return my call and although I live nearly 100 miles from his office he was sitting with me in my home the next day and had already been at the scene of the accident taking photos. I knew this was my guy. Morris is always very prompt returning calls and seems to truly care about his clients. The settlement I recieved was above all our expectations and has allowed me and my family to put this terrible experience behind us and move on with our lives. I highly recommend Morris and The Law firm of Martinson and Beason.

Patrick Vintson

Mr. Lilienthal took our case after another lawyer said we had no case. He made everything very easy for us, even came to our house so that my elderly mother didn’t have to travel to his office! He kept us informed the entire time. He was a master at working with my mom. She is hard of hearing and often doesn’t understand things. Mr. Lilienthal always made the effort to include her in decisions, making sure she understood what was going on, and preparing her for what might happen in a trial. Mom was especially nervous about the deposition but he spent a lot of time going over possible questions so that when the deposition happened, she did a great job. He was always polite to both of us and was a true professional. In the end, our case was settled through mediation. However, Mr. Lilienthal was prepared to go to court. He did extensive research in her case and his deposition of the defendants was outstanding. I was so impressed! At no time did he encourage my mom to do anything that was uncomfortable to her. He gave her his advice during the mediation but it was left up to us in the end to decide if a settlement was in her best interest. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a fantastic lawyer. He is sharp, intelligent, and very nice-and I would not want to be the attorney who goes up against him!

Melanie Pickens

Morris is not only a great lawyer, but a great person.

Morris helped me to a fast settlement that was much higher than anyone had expected. He spoke to me in words I understood and was there for me 100% of the way. Morris is a very intelligent, down to earth, great guy and I would recommend him to any family member or friend. Thank you for all your help Morris!

Justin Cormack

One Great attorney.

Morris was great to work with. He cared about us and meet all out needs. He answered all phone calls all 200 of them at least. He also called me with updates and spoke with me like a true friend. He cared about things that was going on in our lives. I will always think about Morris everytime we get in our new car thanks Morris for all you did for us.

Sandra Morrow

Doug represented a small closely held company owned by husband and me. He handled the sale/purchase of the stock and related documents. Doug drafted the sale/purchase documents that included almost 100 pages of legal documents. We negotiated a lot of the terms with the buyers around a conference table and had numerous revisions to every document. After a few hours, the final documents were signed and everyone walked away from the table very happy. Doug, thank you for all your patience and perseverance. I wasn’t sure we would make it through! You are awesome!

Deborah L. Neel

Very knowledgeable attorney….Leaves no stone unturned!
Morris was very courteous and informative right from the start….he was able to answer all of my questions in depth and in a language that was easy to understand. He really went to bat for me, was very thorough, and got me the quickest and best settlement possible. As an attorney I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. As a gentleman he is a stand up guy and a real straight shooter….AAA+!

Clay Martin

Decatur, AL

Auto Accident Claim
Mr. Lilienthal was very professional, understanding, and knowledgeable about what to do with my husband and his car accident. It was a simple process because Mr. Lilienthal took care of everything and informed both my husband and I on what paper was needed and where the case stood each step of the way. Mr. Lilienthal was great to work with, treated us like people he knew, and made us feel important.

Thanks for everything!
John and Alexis Grzybowski

Dedicated and Efficient!
I was rear–ended on my way to work and was pushed into another car. The young man that was driving claimed he tried to step on his break; however, he could not prevent the accident. He later reported to his insurance company that I had already hit the car before he rear–ended me. This was his way of trying to cover himself from being responsible for both vehicles. After searching and talking to several lawyers for weeks, I knew Mr. Lilienthal was the perfect candidate to work on my case. He is honest, knowledgeable, hardworking, and trust worthy. He understood my distress and fought non–stop until justice was served. He was able to resolve this matter within six months. Thanks Morris for all you do!

Kerri–Ann Warren

Trustworthy, and Hardworking.


Honest hardworking, and professional; willing to listen and carry out the needs of his clients to best of his ability. Client comfort is very important to Morris, does not make a decision unless the client is satisfied.


Martinson & Beason has provided assistance to my family with estate planning, a probate issue, and two real estate transactions. Their attorneys were all knowledgeable and their support staff was responsive to client needs. I found it very easy to approach the partners and talk with them regarding personal and family financial matters.

Morris was able to get me a quick settlement after being injured by someone who was “Texting while Driving”.

I was stopped on the interstate due to traffic in August of 2009, when someone was texting while driving and did not see the stopped traffic ahead. That person slammed into the SUV behind me doing at least 55mph, and smashed my small convertible between the large SUV and a truck in front of me, totaling it. I was very lucky that I didn’t take the direct impact, and that the truck in front of me was light weight, since it came up my hood and eventually slid back down. I sustained head and neck injuries and had to undergo months of therapy and treatments. I had a pre-existing condition that made my case difficult, but Morris did an excellent job in bringing a settlement from the at fault party’s insurance company. He told me exactly what to expect, kept me informed during the entire process, and was able to get what I considered a very reasonable sum of money for the damages. All in all, I was very surprised at the speed we were able to settle, and how easy it was for me. (I really didn’t have to do much — Morris and his staff took care of everything, which was a big relief.) I would definitely recommend Morris to anyone needing an injury lawyer. Especially now that these “texting while driving” cases are becoming more and more prevalent.


My extended family have been clients of Martinson & Beason for over 30 years. They are professional, knowledgeable and they have a compassionate heart. I would recommend this firm to anyone. The entire staff goes above and beyond to provide for the needs of their clients.


Thanks for your good care of us through all the legal matters which we had never been through or faced before. You were very kind to us.

Beverly Dummer

This firm was reffered to us by a familiy member. Looking back I am so grateful she did. What an awesome team! Mr. Lilienthal the (Gentle Giant). Don’t let that fool ya! Because he really know what he’s doing. Thank you so much Mr. Lilienthal for everything. What can I say other than she’s wonderful Mrs. Sylvia Tiggs answered every call and question with concern and always encouraged us to hang in there. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Teresa Murphy

We have closed on three real estate deals with Mac Martinson. Each time the experience has been great — very fast, affordable, and professional.


Thirty years ago after the death of my father, my grandmother, who was left with three young granddaughters, stood to lose our family farm because my father left no will and owed several creditors. She was pointed in the direction of young attorney, George Beason, who just getting started in his career. George took her case and worked tirelessly to find a way for the woman he affectionately called “Miss Annie” to keep her farm. Although not everyone had “Miss Annie’s” best interest at heart, George made sure that she and her girls were taken care of. George settled her case and she was able to keep the farm, but so much more came from the case. A friendship was formed that continues today with my family.

In 1993, I called on George to represent me in my divorce proceedings and again in 2000 when my ex-husband sought custody of our children. Not only was George knowledgeable in law, but he was also very professional as well as kind and caring. During both cases, there was so much that I didn’t know and I had so many questions. I had to call George on numerous occasions and if he was unable to take my call, he always returned my call. I have found that to be a rarity with today’s lawyers. Court, for me, was a very scary place, but George calmed my fears and guided me through everything. Today, my son has legal issues regarding his children and we truly wished that George still handled these type cases for I know that we would receive the finest of representation. To say that George has left a lasting impression on my family would be an understatement.

George has handled several legal matters for other members of my family and they are in agreement with me that, in our opinion, there is no finer lawyer in Huntsville than George Beason. Also, having utilized the services of Mac Martinson, Doug Martinson II, and Elizabeth Beason Moore with the law firm, may I add that we don’t believe that there is a finer law firm to be found in Huntsville. Their professionalism, expertise and attention to detail is head and shoulders above the rest and I would gladly recommend to anyone George Beason and the law firm of Martinson & Beason.

Tammy Payne Wynn


Note : These testimonials are not an indication of future results. Every case is different, and regardless of what friends, family, or other individuals may say about the outcome of a particular case, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law. The evaluation of a case depends on the facts, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimony, among other factors.

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