“Exceptional! If you are in need of an extremely knowledgeable, aggressive, yet compassionate Attorney to handle your accident claim, I hands down recommend Morris and his team at Martinson & Beason. From our initial contact until the end, Morris and Marie were intentional in keeping us abreast of our case to ensure that we not only felt as if we were a part of the process, but that we also felt we had a ‘say’ in the process. Due to the complexity of our case and the meticulous care Morris provided, our settlement far exceeded our expectations. Not only did the settlement exceed our expectations, but most importantly the care and sensitivity our family was shown was priceless. I’m unsure of the outcome if you were to choose another law firm, however, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you choose Morris!”

Denise Clark

“I contacted Martinson & Beason to schedule an appointment to have a simple will drawn up. I was very fortunate to have Mr. Will Pylant as my attorney. He is very personable while maintaining a professional demeanor. He listened attentively to my requests and answered my questions fully, asking pertinent ones of his own and valuable guidance to insure that the will would be what I wanted…”


“Thirty years ago after the death of my father, my grandmother, who was left with three young granddaughters, stood to lose our family farm because my father left no will and owed several creditors. She was pointed in the direction of young attorney, George Beason, who just getting started in his career. George took her case and worked tirelessly to find a way for the woman he affectionately called “Miss Annie” to keep her farm. Although not everyone had “Miss Annie’s” best interest at heart, George made sure that she and her girls were taken care of. George settled her case and she was able to keep the farm, but so much more came from the case. A friendship was formed that continues today with my family.

In 1993, I called on George to represent me in my divorce proceedings and again in 2000 when my ex-husband sought custody of our children. Not only was George knowledgeable in law, but he was also very professional as well as kind and caring. During both cases, there was so much that I didn’t know and I had so many questions. I had to call George on numerous occasions and if he was unable to take my call, he always returned my call. I have found that to be a rarity with today’s lawyers. Court, for me, was a very scary place, but George calmed my fears and guided me through everything. Today, my son has legal issues regarding his children and we truly wished that George still handled these type cases for I know that we would receive the finest of representation. To say that George has left a lasting impression on my family would be an understatement.

George has handled several legal matters for other members of my family and they are in agreement with me that, in our opinion, there is no finer lawyer in Huntsville than George Beason. Also, having utilized the services of Mac Martinson, Doug Martinson II, and Elizabeth Beason Moore with the law firm, may I add that we don’t believe that there is a finer law firm to be found in Huntsville. Their professionalism, expertise and attention to detail is head and shoulders above the rest and I would gladly recommend to anyone George Beason and the law firm of Martinson & Beason.”

Tammy Payne Wynn

“Thanks for your good care of us through all the legal matters which we had never been through or faced before. You were very kind to us.”

Beverly Dummer

“My extended family have been clients of Martinson & Beason for over 30 years. They are professional, knowledgeable and they have a compassionate heart. I would recommend this firm to anyone. The entire staff goes above and beyond to provide for the needs of their clients.”


“Mr. Lilienthal was very professional, understanding, and knowledgeable about what to do with my husband and his car accident. It was a simple process because Mr. Lilienthal took care of everything and informed both my husband and I on what paper was needed and where the case stood each step of the way. Mr. Lilienthal was great to work with, treated us like people he knew, and made us feel important.”

John and Alexis Grzybowski
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