Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices Guide

There is no question that medicine is a critical part of our society. The use of medicine has significantly improved countless lives throughout the world. However, when drug companies place greater importance on profits and ignore research studies, a significant problem arises.

At Martinson & Beason, P.C., we feel that the harm done by pharmaceutical and medical device companies to individuals such as yourself is completely inexcusable. Those companies should be held accountable for the incredible amount of pain and suffering they have caused to you and/or your loved one and family. Whether you are experiencing excruciating side effects, have developed a disease or condition, or have lost someone very dear to you all because of a drug or device your doctor or medical team prescribed, you deserve recourse. If nothing else, you deserve financial compensation, and those who did this to you should not be allowed to do this to anyone else.

This is why so many have banded together through the filing of their lawsuits against these corporate giants. The world needs to know of your story, just as it needed to know of all the others. Then and only then can these companies be stopped. Then and only then can dangerous drugs be taken off the market or properly labeled with warnings. Then and only then can doctors and other medical professionals prescribe these drugs safely and appropriately.

Our Sources of Information

The majority of the information you will find in this guide has come from Drugwatch.com, an excellent and highly credible website devoted to informing people who were harmed by prescription drugs and/or a medical devices and helping them to evaluate whether or not they have a legal case. Drugwatch is sponsored by The Peterson Firm, a national law firm based in Washington, D.C. We have picked out the information that we feel is the most pertinent to you. Where we felt the information on Drugwatch needed expansion, we have searched for the best additional sources of information we could find. We have compiled all of this information here so that you don’t have to go looking. We highly encourage you to check out Drugwatch.com for any additional questions you might have or to contact a local attorney who can give you tailored legal advice and representation if you think it is time to act.

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Table of Contents

In this Guide on Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices, you will find information on the following:

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