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The city of Talladega is located Talladega County in east central Alabama. Historically, the greater Talladega area was the home to a large Native American population. Talladega is a Creek – Native American word. To date, over 15,000 people live in the city of Talladega.

The city is the home of Talladega Superspeedway and the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. The speedway opened in September 1969 and still attracts hundreds of thousands of Nascar fans each year. The track is 2.66 miles long and has seating for over 143,000 people in the grandstands alone. Talladega is also the home to the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind. This fantastic facility provides comprehensive educational and rehabilitative services to deaf, blind and disabled children.

Talladega, Alabama has several major interstates and highways that service the Talladega area, including: Interstate 20; Highway 275 ; Highway 21; Highway 34; and Highway 77.

In 2008, there were 421 automobile accidents in the city of Talladega, 122 people were injured in these wrecks. In Talladega County, Alabama, there were 1,909 motor vehicle accidents, 642 people were injured in these accidents. In 2008, 17 people lost their lives in car and truck accidents in Talladega County.

Our Talladega Alabama injury attorneys have successfully handled numerous Talladega, Alabama car accident cases. We handle all personal injury and car wreck cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not charge you a fee until and unless we make a recovery for you.

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Accidents Involving Motorcycles

Deaths caused by accidental injuries are tragically common throughout the U.S., including Talladega, Talladega County, and Alabama. In 2009, nearly 121,000 Americans lost their lives due to unintentional injuries. Of these injuries, over 30,000 were caused by car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, and just over 26,000 were caused by falls.1 What is most unfortunate about these deaths is that many of them could have been prevented, if not for the recklessness and negligence of an individual or party.

When a person or party’s careless and wrongful actions cause the death of another person, it is important to hold them responsible. Under Alabama law, the administrator of the deceased person’s estate can file a wrongful death claim seeking punitive damages. These damages were created to punish the wrongdoer for the actions that caused the death. In Alabama, the time limit for filing a wrongful death claim varies based upon the circumstances, from six months to two years. Because Alabama’s wrongful death laws are intricate and complicated, those seeking justice for their family member should get experienced legal help.

The Talladega, AL wrongful death lawyers at Martinson & Beason, P.C. have extensive knowledge and expertise in all types of wrongful death cases. If you have wrongfully lost a loved one, we can assist you. Our firm will work to achieve a successful resolution of your case and support you during the process.

We work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t pay unless we make a recovery for you. The only risk you take is losing your chance for compensation by not calling. Contact us for a free consultation.

Types of Crash-Related Injuries

There are motorcycle crashes that are relatively minor, with all participants walking away unscathed or with little more than some cuts and bruises. These accidents, tragically, are more the exception than the rule: the overwhelming majority of motorcycle accidents cause injuries, simply because motorcycle riders are not protected from the roadway and other vehicles by seat belts, airbags, or a metal car frame. There were 1,925 motorcycle crashes in Alabama in 2011, and 1,438 of them involved injuries. 98 were fatal.1

It is because of the high prevalence of injuries that motorcycle wrecks are so devastating for the riders. The most common injuries from these crashes include head, brain, and neck injuries, which can be debilitating and life altering. Such injuries can require extensive medical care lasting numerous months, and the associated medical bills can be very expensive. In addition, many injuries associated with this type of crash can change the victim’s life, preventing him or her from returning to work (temporarily or permanently) and enjoying life to the fullest.

If you are involved in a motorcycle crash, it is vital that you seek medical attention right away. You should document and receive treatment for all your injuries and the effect that they have on your well-being. Even if you seem fine right now, your injury could persist or could be more expensive than you thought, causing you extensive hardship in the future. It may become necessary to seek compensation for your injuries.

If you were injured in Talladega County in a wreck caused by the negligence of another person and need to pursue compensation, contact Martinson & Beason, P.C. Our firm’s experienced Talladega, AL motorcycle accident lawyers can help you get a fair recovery for your injuries.

Even if you do everything right while driving—obeying the speed limit, paying attention to the road, maintaining a safe following distance—you can’t always avoid an accident. Other drivers around you may perform any number of unsafe driving maneuvers, increasing your chances of an accident.

When a truck accident does happen to you, it has grave consequences for your health, livelihood, and daily life. You might suffer injuries that require a long recovery time and extensive treatment. You might not be able to return to work for days, weeks, or even months, which can result in lost wages and put your financial security in jeopardy. The most devastating of all of the effects of an injury can be its impact on your ability to go about daily activities.

At Martinson & Beason, P.C., we’ve represented people like you in Talladega, Talladega County, and Alabama. Over the years, our firm’s Talladega, AL truck accident attorneys have built up a network of experts and resources to assist us in pursuing these types of cases. We have the experience necessary to successfully help you.

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