Personal Injury Guide

If you have been injured in an accident, no matter what type of accident, you are scared, you are angry, you are in pain. On top of all that, you are probably under immense stress at the thought of somehow keeping your life together. We are here for you. We have compiled some of our best resources—right here—for you.

dollar billsWhat is my claim worth?

If this is your question, you are not alone. At Martinson & Beason, P.C., this is very possibly the question that we are asked the most frequently. There are several key factors that go into answering this. Who was at fault? Did the accident cause your injuries? What are your economic damages?


judge and gavelWill my case go to trial?

If you are considering filing a lawsuit, you have many questions. What is a deposition? What is mediation? Will my case go to trial? Filing a lawsuit—or suing—can seem downright scary. This is why we have answered your questions before you even have to ask.



crushed hood of carWhat is contributory negligence?

The state of Alabama uses the “contributory negligence” system to determine fault in personal injury cases. This means that someone who is only partially to blame for an accident can be completely barred from compensation. However, fault is not cut and dry, and you may be able to recover some compensation with the help of an attorney.


woman with neck painI have developed RSD/CRPS. Can I receive compensation?

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), is a chronic pain condition resulting from a nervous system malfunction. It has been linked to injuries from such traumatic events as car accidents and other accidents. You may be able to receive compensation.



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We aren’t just attorneys. We are people, too—people with families. We have had our own struggles, and we care about yours. We have been serving the residents of Huntsville and North Alabama for over 75 years.