Alabama Traffic Accident Facts

The most recent Alabama car accident and Alabama truck accident statistics from 2008 show a decline in the number of automobile accidents and the number of people injured and killed on Alabama’s highways. In 2008, 964 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes in Alabama, which is down 13.2%. Further there were 123,969 wrecks reported in 2008, which is down 8.3%. This decline is likely linked in part to the down turn in the U.S. economy as Alabamians tried to save money by driving less and by driving slower to conserve fuel.

2008 Alabama Auto Accident Statistics:

  • • One motor vehicle accident was reported every 255 seconds.
  • • One person was injured in a traffic crash every 14 minutes and 47 seconds.
  • • One person was killed in an automobile accident every 9 hours and 6 minutes.
  • • Most Alabama wrecks (72.1%) occurred in urban areas, but most fatalities (67.1%) occurred in rural areas.
  • • For each person killed, there were 36.9 injured.
  • • Of all fatal wrecks, 47% occurred at night.
  • • The 2008 pedestrian death toll was 72.
  • • There were 98 fatalities among motorcycle or moped riders.
  • • Bicyclists accounted for 4 fatalities.