Mo Show Live with Alycia Kinchloe and Ryan Locke

The next episode of the Mo Show Live will air Wednesday, October 15th at 3 PM central time and will feature guests Alycia Kinchloe and Ryan Locke. They will join Morris to discuss the role of the US Supreme Court in our government and what work they do.

With all of the talk about the Senate confirmation of the next Supreme Court Justice, we wanted to discuss the jurisdiction of the court and how the court impacts our individual lives. In this episode of Mo Show Live, we’ll talk about the type of cases the court will hear, what the requirements are to become a justice, and how the appointment works. 

Alycia Kinchloe is the founder of Kinchloe Law in Philadelphia, where she helps clients navigate family, business, and disability law matters. We’ll also be joined by Ryan Locke of Locke Law Firm. Ryan is a trial lawyer who handles civil cases and criminal appeals throughout Georgia.

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