Bicycle Accidents Rise With the Popularity of Cycling

A recent car accident in Rainsville, Alabama is a sad reminder of the dangers of cycling on public roadways. On June 6th, cyclists Christina Genco of Boston was cycling across the country with a group when she was hit from behind by a passing car. Tragically, Ms. Genco suffered fatal injuries in this biking accident. An article in today’s Huntsville Times, by Victoria Cumbow discusses the fact that Alabama State Troopers have completed their investigation into the wreck and now it is up to the local district attorney in DeKalb County to decide whether to present the case to the grand jury.

As the sport of cycling has grown, so have the number of cyclist involved in wrecks with automobiles. According the latest statistics from the State of Alabama, in 2009, 6 people were killed in cycling traffic accidents in Alabama. Further, in 2009, 167 people were injured in cycling crashes in Alabama. As proof that these accidents involve new cycling enthusiast is the fact that the largest group involved in these wrecks in 2009 was the age range 26 to 64. While cycling on public highways can be dangerous there are several steps cyclists can take to reduce the danger. The website BicycleSafe has come up with 10 ways Not to Get Hit, which can be viewed at their website. In addition to these tips, riders should avoid busy streets, signal their turns, where reflective clothing and have lights.