Decatur Car Accident Kills One

Decatur Alabama car wreck on Alabama Hwy 20 has claimed the life of Anthony Cheek, Jr. According to a news report, police believe the driver of the other vehicle, which was headed westbound on Hwy 20 crossed over the grass median and struck the vehicle being driven by Mr. Cheek. It appears police are still investigating this motor vehicle accident and have yet to determine what caused the other driver to loose control of his vehicle and cross over the median.

As experienced Decatur Car Accident Attorneys whenever were asked to review an accident such as this one of the first things we do is gather information and physical evidence in hopes of determining what caused the at fault driver to loose control of his vehicle. Areas of inquiry include:

• Was the driver driving under the influence;
• Was the driver distracted by such things as using a cell phone or sending a text message;
• Did the driver’s vehicle have a mechanical malfunction, such as steering, brakes, tires etc..;
• Did the driver fall asleep.