Defective Chinese Drywall Leads to Corrosion and Health Concerns for Homeowners

Chinese Drywall Causes Corrosion and Health ConcernsThe CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) has just announced a “strong association” between Chinese drywall and corrosion of pipes and wires. In addition to complaints about damage to pipes and wires there have also been complaints about health problems associated from using this Chinese drywall. The CPSC has stated that there may also be a link between health problems reported by homeowners and hydrogen sulfide gas emitted from the drywall along with formaldehyde, which is routinely found in new homes. The Chinese drywall was imported during the U.S. housing boom when building supplies were scarce. This Chinese drywall was heavily used in the southeastern United States following hurricane Katrina.

The problems associated with this Chinese drywall have led to hundreds of lawsuits against builders, contractors, installers, suppliers and manufacturers. Essentially, these lawsuits are products liability lawsuits claiming that this Chinese drywall is defective and unreasonably dangerous. For more information about Chinese drywall visit the CPSC Drywall Information Center.