Drunk Driving Car Accident Claims Life of Lauderdale County Resident

The car wreck happened on Highway 72 near Rogersville, Alabama. According to areport, James Thomas Campbell was tragically killed when his Chevrolet pickup truck was struck by a car being driven by Richard Ray Russell of Tuscumbia. Larree Campbell a passenger in James Campbell’s truck was also injured in the wreck and taken to Huntsville Hospital. Richard Ray was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

As Alabama drunk driving accident attorneys, we are sadden anytime someone is injured or killed by a drunk driver. In 2008, there were 5,420 drivers in Alabama who were under the influence of alcohol or drugs and involved in a car accident. These are senseless preventable accidents.

In this instance, the family of Mr. Campbell has a wrongful death claim against Mr. Ray as well as an uninsured motorist claim for any uninsured motorist benefits that may cover Mr. Campbell and his vehicle(s). Further, there could be a dram shop claim against any vendor, store, bar, or restaurant that sold alcohol to Mr. Ray. In instances such as this, an experienced Alabama car accident attorney should be hired to fully investigate all the possible avenues of recovery.

For more information on how to prevent drinking and driving, please visit MADD.