Huntsville Residents Have Fewer Car Accidents

According to a recent report by Allstate Insurance Company, Huntsville, Alabama is the 5th safest driving city in the country. The report ranks America’s 200 largest cities in terms of motor vehicle accident frequency. Last year, Huntsville was ranked 8th.

The report estimates, that drivers in Huntsville will be involved in a car wreck every 12.3 years. The national average is every 10 years. Birmingham drivers have a collision every 11.2 years, while drivers in Mobile and Montgomery are estimated to be involved in an accident every 11.1 years.

According to statistics for 2009, there were 7,083 automobile crashes in the city of Huntsville, which resulted in 1,740 people being injured. 20 people were killed in Huntsville car accidents in 2009. This was 3 fewer than were killed in 2008.

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