Labor Day Holiday Car Accident Statistics for Alabama’s Roadways

The Labor Day weekend is upon us and that means people are going to be hitting Alabama’s highways. Not only is this a long weekend, but it is the first weekend of college football and both Alabama and Auburn play home games this weekend. We want to encourage everyone to take a few safety measures for traveling this weekend that could prevent an accident or save your life:

• Buckle Up
• Obey the posted speed limit
• Don’t text and drive (Distracted Driving)
• Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you
• Leave early to allow for the additional traffic on the roadways

Following these common sense safety tips can prevent automobile accidents and save lives. In 2009, during the 78 hour Labor Day holiday 8 people were killed in traffic accidents on Alabama’s highways. While the risk of being involved in a car wreck in Alabama can be reduced by following the aforementioned safety tips. Sometimes accidents happen and when they do you should be prepared for them. Because of this we have prepared an Accident Information Sheet for the glove box of your vehicle. This sheet contains a place for all the important information you should record when you are involved in a car accident in Alabama.

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