Marion County Alabama Car Accident Tragically Kills a Child and His Grandfather

A deadly two car wreck in Marion County Alabama has sadly claimed the lives of a one year-old and his grandfather. The auto accident happened in the Bear Creek community of Marion County on Alabama highway 13. According to a report, the Alabama State Troopers are currently investigating the cause of the accident. Marion County is located in West Alabama on the Mississippi state line. Hamilton, Alabama is the county seat of Marion County. In 2007, there were 515 motor vehicle accidents in Marion County 219 of which resulted in someone being injured. Further, 11 people were killed in car and truck accidents in Marion County in 2007. By comparison there were 153 automobile accidents in the city of Hamilton in 2007. If you have been injured in a car or truck accident the law does limits your time to file a claim, its important to contact an experienced Hamilton Alabama Car Accident Attorney.