Mo Show Live with Anne Caldwell and Spencer Batcheller

The next episode of the Mo Show Live will air Wednesday, September 15th at 3:00 PM Central time and will feature guests Anne Caldwell and Spencer Batcheller. They represent the Greater Huntsville Humane Society (GHHS) and will join Morris to discuss their pursuit of finding forever homes for four-legged animals in North Alabama.

The Humane Society is one of the nation’s largest animal protection organizations. Locally, the GHHS is a no-kill shelter that provides adoption services for unwanted and homeless animals. However, their mission goes beyond animal rescue. It also includes spreading a message of advocacy and education to help the welfare of all animals.

Likewise, adopting an animal isn’t the only way to help the GHHS. Whether you can volunteer your time, donate, or foster animals, we’ll learn more about how to contribute to their mission. If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference for animals in your community, make sure to tune into this episode. 

In this upcoming episode, we’ll hear from Anne and Spencer on providing care and treatment for animals in crisis. They’ll share more about the many ways to get involved with the Humane Society and fight for all animals.

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