Mo Show Live with Chanda Crutcher

Photo of Chanda Crutcher and Morris LilienthalThe next episode of the Mo Show Live will air Thursday, August 22nd at 11:00 AM Central Time and will feature Chanda Crutcher, the founder of the Legacy Center and American Senior Assistance Programs (ASAP). Morris and Chanda will be discussing the mission of the Legacy Center, what it does for the community and its various programs.

Chanda Crutcher has almost 25 years’ experience in senior services/long-term care with a continual commitment to help seniors “finish well”.  She has witnessed worse case scenarios for the elderly due to lack of proper planning and advocacy.  Her vision is to assist older and disabled adults to live in the least restrictive environment, preserve their assets, and enjoy the highest quality of life as defined by the individual. Chanda has served on several nonprofit boards, including the Regional Board of Directors for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Mid- South Chapter. As an educator, strategist, and private consultant, Chanda has had an impact on the elder’s lives regionally and internationally. Lastly, Chanda was appointed to the Governor’s Alzheimer’s Task force in 2014.

ASAP’s primary focus is to provide services to the aging, disabled adults and children in transitioning and finishing well. As the first geriatric case management firm in Huntsville, AL, ASAP brings a team of seasoned Aging Life Care Managers to join in making life care decisions. ASAP works closely with each individual to deliver goods and services that reflect individual needs, personal choice and self-determination based on the consumer’s values culture and lifestyle.

The Legacy Center is a 501c3 non-profit focused on the following gaps in elder care: health literacy, comprehensive caregiver support, guardian of last resort, and fragmentation of services. The mission of the Legacy Center is to help aging adults live their legacy on purpose with purpose mind, body, & spirit.

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