Mo Show Live with Dominique Mallory

Mo Show Live - Dominique Mallory

The next episode of the Mo Show Live will air Wednesday, November 25th at 3 PM central time and will feature guest Dominique Mallory. The motivational speaker and North Alabama community leader will join Morris to discuss his work as a mentor for teens.

As the Founder and CEO of B3ating Th3 Oddz Mentoring Inc., Dominique provides mentorship for teenage males 12-18 years of age. With a background in social work, he’s known for his unique ability to relate to youth and young adults. Dominique is purpose driven, striving to become a positive influence in male’s lives, no matter their age.

In the episode, we’ll talk about how he’s supporting the Huntsville community with his passion for working with children and youth not only as a social worker, but also as a basketball trainer. We’ll cover the biggest challenges Dominique sees kids facing today and what we can do to help.

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