Mo Show Live with Rodney Smith

The next episode of the Mo Show Live will air Wednesday, June 2nd at 6:00 PM Central time and will feature Rodney Smith from Raising Men Lawn Care. Martinson & Beason is proud to serve the Raising Men organization as a client. This week Morris will be joined by Rodney, as he reveals the details of his 50 Yard Challenge and how he’s building youth volunteers into community-minded adults.

Through the 50 Yard Challenge initiative, kids get a chance to give back to their community while building skills and relationships along the way. This nationwide challenge is for boys and girls from ages 7-17. For any kid who accepts, Rodney is inviting them to cut 50 lawns free for the elderly, disabled, single parents, veterans and anyone in need of help in their town.


In this upcoming episode, we’ll hear from some of the kids who have completed the 50 Yard Challenge in previous years. They’ll join Rodney and Morris on the show to not only discuss their experience and what they learned from the challenge, but also their predictions for continuing to volunteer and serve their community going forward.


Raising Men Lawn Care started the 50 Yard Challenge after realizing that today’s youth wanted to help the community, but they don’t always know who to help, why they need it, and where to begin. With the program, Raising Men are helping kids understand their value in the community in addition to providing lawn care maintenance for those in need.

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