Mo Show Live with Urban Engine Executive Director Toni Eberhart

Photo of Toni Eberhart and Morris lilienthal

The next episode of the Mo Show Live will air Wednesday, January 30th at 3:00 PM Central Time and will feature Urban Engine Executive Director Toni Eberhart. Morris and Toni will be discussing Urban Engine’s formation, how it accelerates the growth of area businesses and startups, and Toni’s career.

Toni Eberhart is an accomplished executive with specialties in strategic communications, workforce development, and advocacy for economically diverse and equitable communities in the interest of public service.  Her past achievements focus on economic impact primarily within the Southeast Region of the United States spanning across diverse industries such as medicine, energy infrastructure, higher education, and federal program & policy operations. Toni is known as a distinguished leader in the evolution of robust and dynamic innovation ecosystems, often advocating for burgeoning business & technology communities in the State of Alabama.

Urban Engine is a Huntsville non-profit which was founded in 2015 with a mission to propel the growth of Alabama’s economy by connecting aspiring entrepreneurs and established business leadership to educational resources, talent, and community. Urban Engine now includes 2,500 community members and hosts various events and member services such as Coworking Night, 32/10 Startup Business Club, Open Huntsville, and 4 Hours to Product software design competition.

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