Montgomery Alabama Truck Accident with a Train Amazingly Results in Minor Injuries

Montgomery truck accident involving a dump truck and train surprisingly results in only minor injuries. According to the Montgomery Advertiser’s report, Jackie Kemp, Jr., of Wetumpka, Alabama was traveling south on North Court Street in Montgomery when his dump truck collided with the train. According to the newspaper report, the accident site is guarded only by a railroad “crossbuck” sign and not lights or a protective arm. This particular track connects CSX’s yard on the Mobile to Birmingham line with its line to Atlanta. This was the third accident involving a train in Montgomery County this year. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there were 9 railroad crossing accidents between cars and/or trucks and a train in 2008 in Alabama. These 9 incidents tragically resulted in 10 fatalities. As Montgomery Alabama car accident attorneys, over the years we have seen the devastating results that can occur when a car or truck collides with a train. When approaching a railroad crossing, drivers should adhere to the stop, look and listen rule.