Multiple Cullman County Car Wrecks Claim 3 Lives

Three separate Cullman Co. Car Accidents during the October 22nd weekend resulted in three fatalities. According to a news report, the first wreck happened early Saturday morning on Alabama Highway 69 near Arab, AL. The driver, Joel Kent Cater, lost control of his vehicle and struck a utility pole. At this time, police are still investigating the cause of this single car accident crash.

The second fatal crash happened just after 9 am on Saturday morning when, Timothy Paul Callahan lost control of his pickup truck on Alabama Highway 278 and struck a tree. There is no indication as to what caused this second single car accident. 

Often single car accidents are caused by a driver’s inattention, distraction or by them falling asleep. However, there are occasions where single car accidents can be caused by a defective tire, brakes, steering mechanism or some other mechanical issue with the vehicle. Further, there are occasions when a person is involved in a single car accident and their injury is enhanced by a defect in the vehicle. For example, the air bag fails to deploy or the seat belt buckle is defective causing it to unlatch during an accident. All of these are various types of product liability claims.

The third and final auto accident was a two car accident that occurred on highway 54 and claimed the life of Mickey Hurley.