Randolph County Car Wreck Kills Roanoke Alabama Resident

A rear end automobile accident in Randolph County Alabama has sadly claimed the life of Robert Lee Foster of Roanoke. According to reports, Foster was traveling on Alabama Hwy 22 and had stopped for traffic when he was struck from the rear by Tina Burks. The initial impact from Burks’ vehicle pushed Foster’s pickup truck into oncoming traffic where he was struck by a tractor trailer (18 wheeler) driven by Thomas Spurling of Anniston. Tragically, Mr. Foster died as a result of his injuries.

Initial reports do not indicate what caused Burks to rear end Foster’s truck. It could be simple inattention or following too closely or Burks could have been distracted by something such as her cell phone or radio. Mr. Foster’s family likely has a viable Alabama wrongful death claim against Ms. Burks for causing this motor vehicle accident. Further, it’s likely that Ms. Burks does not have sufficient auto insurance to cover such a claim; therefore, Mr. Foster’s family would also have a claim for uninsured and/or underinsured motorist benefits through Mr. Foster’s motor vehicle insurance policy(ies).