Settlement Reached in Huntsville Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Alabama A&M Professor

Huntsville Alabama personal Injury attorney Morris Lilienthal represented our 7 year old client and his mother in this personal injury lawsuit. We first discussed this case in a previous blog post “Huntsville Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Alabama A&M Professor.” This lawsuit arose out of an incident where it was alleged that Joseph Lee a professor at Alabama A&M rudely, inappropriately and wrongfully came in contact with our 7 year-old client at a day camp causing the child to suffer physical and emotional injuries.

Since this case involved a minor plaintiff, the settlement had to be approved by the court in what is known as a Pro Ami hearing. At this hearing, the court heard testimony from the minor child and parent to confirm that this settlement was in the best interest of the child and that the parent fully understand the settlement. We are pleased that we were able to reach a fair and just policy limits settlement for our deserving clients.