Strange State Laws

huntsville alabamaWe all know our state governments makes laws that are, well, questionable at best. What many don’t know are the wacky, weird, and wildly whimsical laws that still exist in many states around the U.S. today.

Check out some of the most outrageous laws we found from The Huffington Post:

  • In Missouri, it’s illegal to drive with an uncaged bear. (Caged bears are okay, of course.) This has to make you wonder if Yogi riding shotgun was a past problem, or if people used to pick up just any hitchhiker—even a grizzly.
  • In Maine, it’s illegal to have Christmas decorations up after January 14. Ok, so this may be killing the holiday spirit, but you probably should be taking those luminescent strands of lights down anyway—your electric bill will thank you.
  • In New Jersey, it’s illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder. Because every victim should have a fair shot, right?
  • In Nevada, it’s illegal for a man to buy drinks for more than three people at a time. So, when planning your wild night in Vegas, try to be selective with your alcohol philanthropy.
  • In Wisconsin, it’s illegal to serve butter substitutes in state prison. This is the dairy state, people. I can’t believe it’s not butter, for crying out loud.
  • In New Jersey, once convicted of drunk driving, you may never again have personalized plates. Apparently they had too many people ordering I DO DUI plates?
  • In North Dakota, beer and pretzels cannot be served at the same time in any restaurant or bar. For all seeking a stereotypical German snack, the Peace Garden State apologizes.
  • In Alaska, waking a sleeping bear for a photo opportunity is strictly forbidden. We would advise never waking a bear, for any situation, if you value your limbs.
  • In Connecticut, a pickle is not officially a pickle unless it bounces. Have you ever tried to bounce a pickle? Do cucumbers not bounce?
  • In Idaho, it’s illegal for a man to give his sweetheart a box of candy weighing more than 50 pounds. Hats off to Idaho for taking a stand against obesity in America.
  • In North Carolina, Bingo games can’t last more than five hours. B-62…G-23…and that’s all the time we have ladies and gentlemen, thanks for playing.
  • In Ohio, it’s illegal to get a fish drunk. Just imagine if Marlin had tried to find Nemo after a few Buds. Would have been a box office disaster.

We’d like to hear of any weird state laws you find to add to the list!