Tragic Car Wreck on I-85 in Opelika Claims 3 Lives and Injures Others

A multi-car accident on Interstate 85 in Opelika (Lee County) has claimed 3 lives and seriously injured several others. According to a report by Stefanie Tiso, Irene Katherine Miller of Whaleyville, Maryland was pulling a U-haul trailer when she lost control of her vehicle and trailer causing her to cross the median and strike two vehicles that were headed southbound. Sadly, Steve Williams and Melinda Williams of West Point, Georgia were killed in the crash. Ms. Miller was also killed in the wreck. According to the Lee County coroner’s office, a 6 year old girl was flown to Columbus Regional hospital in Georgia. Further, a 25 year old male and 10 year old girl were taken to East Alabama Medical Center for treatment.

This tragic Opelika car accident poses several points of inquiry from a legal perspective. First, the family of Mr. and Mrs. Williams would have wrongful death claims under Alabama law against Ms. Miller’s estate. Further, the Williams family would also have potential claims for uninsured motorist benefits under their own auto insurance policy. The other victims in the accident would have personal injury claims under Alabama law against the estate of Ms. Miller. Further they would also have potential uninsured motorist claims. One additional area of inquiry should be what caused Ms. Miller to lose control of her vehicle. If it is determined that there was a defect with the U haul trailer then all the victims could have a products liability claim against U haul and/or the entity that rented the trailer to Ms. Miller, Further, if there is a problem with the U haul that caused this wreck then the estate of Ms. Miller would also have claims against U haul. Thus, an experienced Alabama car accident lawyer should be hired to investigate all aspects of this wreck. Critical to this investigation is the preservation of the U haul trailer so it can be inspected. It is vitally important to remember that when an accident occurs an investigation in the matter needs to be quickly launched before evidence is destroyed and memories fade.