Tramatic Brain Injury and the VA

It seems that almost every Huntsville, Alabama resident knows a veteran. After all,Redstone Arsenal has been a steadfast part of the North Alabama and Huntsville Community for 70 years! Unfortunately, many of these veterans are returning home with disabilities.

One of the most significant disabilities is Traumatic Brain Injury or “TBI”. More and more veterans are returning home with TBI and some don’t even know it until much later in life. TBI symptoms can develop immediately or over time. Some of the symptoms include loss of memory, cognitive impairment, headaches, mood swings, difficulty thinking, and frustration. Many of these symptoms go overlooked for a long period of time. Research is now showing that these symptoms are directly linked with closed-head injuries that are commonplace in the military.

Until recently, the Department of Veterans Affairs did not appropriately rate TBI disabilities. Thankfully, in 2008 the VA changed the way the VA evaluates the residuals of TBI. Now, the VA is recognizing mild TBI and compensation that used to be close to $100 a month can now stretch to $600 a month in certain cases. This is great news for our Alabama Veterans!!!

Today, in the New York Times, there is an excellent article regarding veterans and the problems they and their families and loved ones go through when they return home from service. The fact is these veterans deserve our support and the financial support of the VA when they lay their life and their livelihood on the line for their country.

The VA attorneys at Martinson & Beason have experience in attaining these benefits for our veterans. They have the knowledge to not only help the veteran in their appeal to the VA, but also help with any long term planning needs the veteran may have.

If you are a veteran or have a loved one who is a veteran that has inquiries regarding his VA disability appeal, call the VA attorneys of Martinson & Beason.