What is “Divorce” Season?

Martinson & Beason

Attorney, scholars, and pundits generally refer to January as the start of divorce “season”, which culminates in March, the month with statistically the most divorce filings in the US court system, according to a study by the University of Washington.

Several factors play into the spike in divorce filings throughout the months of January, February, and March, with the primary reason being the end of the holiday season. Foremost, couples considering a divorce may elect to hold off on filing any court action until after the holidays in order to avoid stress over sharing custody of the children between Thanksgiving and Christmas and other family-related turmoil.

Secondly, the holiday season can be a recipe for disaster for couples already on the cusp of a break. Long travel, accompanied with flight delays and traffic jams, and family fights are just a few examples of why stressed couples can hit the breaking point over the holidays, leading to court action in the following months.

Another reason for the spike in divorce filings relates to taxes. People may be receiving their refunds and will want to use the extra money for attorney’s fees and court costs. Additionally, couples may wish to wait to file divorce litigation until after they receive their tax information at the first of the year. This allows people to resolve their financial affairs simultaneously with their divorce proceedings.

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