Review for Morris Lilienthal

January 7, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I highly recommend Morris Lilienthal!

Morris Lilienthal is an outstanding lawyer, and our family is so grateful that we found him when we needed him! Our college son was hit by an uninsured and unlicensed SUV driver while leaving UAH in September 2012 on his motorcycle.

Our son was injured and in extreme pain due to the impact of the SUV broadsiding him on his motorcycle; Ryan’s accident was an extremely traumatic moment for Ryan; as his parents, we quickly found ourselves in making quick decisions on how to best take care of our son during this awful event.

One hates to think about a lawyer at this time because your main focus is meeting urgent medical needs; however, as Ryan’s parents, we knew we needed to not only cover medical needs for Ryan, but we also needed to cover Ryan legally in this horrible accident, and do it quickly.

My brother, a judge in Tennessee, immediately advised me to get Ryan an attorney, and in order to find a good lawyer, my brother recommended that I use the AV Peer Review Rating – Martindale-Hubbell. This rating system immediately weeds out poor-performing attorneys because it is an important rating system for attorneys which attorneys use to rate other attorneys on an attorney’s legal knowledge, skill, communication, expertise, and ethics.

My brother’s suggestion paid off because after doing an internet search for attorneys in Huntsville using the AV Peer Review Rating, we found Morris, who has a 4.9 AV Peer Review Rating out of 5; this means that Morris is an esteemed lawyer among his peers, and that he is of high caliber.

Because Ryan wasn’t able to travel to Morris’ office, Morris came directly to our home. I remembered feeling so relieved after Morris left our home that evening because Morris was so comforting, and I was convinced that we had someone who was competent handling the legal side of Ryan’s accident so my husband and I could focus on Ryan’s medical needs at the moment.

For over one year Morris stayed in constant communication with Ryan and I as the claim aspect of the accident was resolved; whenever there was a question on our end, Morris always took his time with us explaining and defining the process. Not once did Morris dodge our calls or end any of our conversations short because of another pressing matter; NOT ONCE DID HE EVER MAKE US FEEL LIKE WE DIDN’T MATTER!

Morris is an extremely personable person, and he is very easy to talk to. I must also give recognition to Morris’ paralegal, Sara, who is so wonderful to work with! Between Morris and Sara, the entire claim process was very pleasant considering the circumstances.

I believe that due to Morris’ overall skills and abilities, Ryan netted a higher settlement. Although the netted settlement Ryan received doesn’t compensate the pain and suffering that Ryan endured, it does; however, make Ryan and his parents feel somewhat vindicated that Ryan recovered something from that horrible moment where the ill actions of another person hurt him as much as it did.

– Stephanie Hoban