How Do We Assess Real Estate Property for Taxes?

After the closing, the buyer will take their deed to the courthouse to assess the property for taxes. The deed has been recorded so it shows that they are the owner of the property.

When they go into the tax assessor’s office, they’ll be asked some questions regarding the property. They’ll be asked how they’re going to use the property if it’s going to be their homestead, if it’s going to be their second home, if they’re tax exempt due to their age or their income.

Also, if it’s a non‑profit, then they can get non‑profit status. If it’s a farm or acreage more than five acres in the State of Alabama, they can get current use.

Then, once the property is assessed in their name, the tax bills will be sent to them for the following year. Our tax assessment period is October the 1st through September 30th in the State of Alabama.