What Should I Do If the Driver at Fault Doesn’t Have Insurance?

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If you’ve been involved in an accident and the other driver doesn’t have auto insurance coverage, the best option is to file for what’s called uninsured motorist benefits.

Alabama law requires that every auto insurance policy sold in the state have uninsured motorist coverage. The only way you won’t have that coverage is if you happen to have signed a written rejection for that coverage.

Uninsured motorist coverage provides benefits for things like out‑of‑pocket expenses, medical costs, medical bills, lost wages, and future lost wages. It’s there to stand in the shoes of the at-fault party’s insurance, and it should help you get compensated for your damages from that wreck.

The other benefit of uninsured motorist coverage is that it’s stackable. This means that if you happen to have multiple cars in your family, then you can add the value of those coverages together.

For example, the minimum coverage under Alabama law is $25,000. If you happen to have two vehicles with uninsured motorist coverage in your household, then you have $50,000 worth of coverage.

Uninsured motorist is very important and something you should check and make sure is on your policy.

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