Probate & Estate Planning Attorneys

Doug Martinson II:

We handle people’s estates when they die. If a family member comes in or if a son or daughter comes in after their parents have died, we handle the estate. We also do estate planning to draft their wills to make it an easier process and look at all their estate planning needs, their estate tax, how they want to shift their property to the next generation. We’d look at trust in estates. We also mostly handle the administration of the estates. We handle thousands of administrations and probates of estates. When people died, then we help try to take the burden off of them so that we can handle of their needs and get all the property transferred down to the next generation.

There’s a lot of unknowns. They come to us at the time of sorrow and grieving and mourning so we try to have individual one-on-one attention. We have a very good staff who are very helpful and experienced. We know probate law. We know what needs to be done the following deadlines. We work hard to make it an easy process for everybody and not try to overcomplicate it. We try to simplify the probate process and take the worry off of their families and do as much as we can to make it a smooth transition.

Stephanie Hogan:

In my situation, of course, my husband and his brother were both killed in a plane crash. I had a little girl that was 10 weeks old at that time. It just really shocked my whole system. You can imagine the pain and grief I was going through. I still could barely even stand to see on the death certificate his name. That’s really the first time I ever came in to Martinson and Beason. I just felt more relaxed. I knew it was something that we had to do. I felt in good hands that he was really going to take care of me.

Doug Martinson II:

We serve people from all walks of life. People would come in with their parents have died and they have a very important piece of property that they want. That’s been in the family for a long time and that we try to help them to keep that property in the family. We also serve people that come in and the most important case they have is their car wreck or their injury on the job or their injury somewhere. It doesn’t matter how large or small the case is. We try to treat everybody equally and give them personal service and satisfaction.