Experienced Real Estate Attorneys

Mac Martinson:

I’ve had a real estate license since 1988 right before I went to a law school and so we have just been based on real estate. I started doing a little bit of everything. Right now, my practice is focused just on real estate closings, LLCs, contracts, corporations, title problems, condemnation work, sale for division work, estate sales, just anything real estate-based, and also do a lot of contract disputes, and write a lot of contracts for various type businesses.

Ray Mahaffey:

We’ve used this firm for all of our legal work in Alabama and all other matters throughout the Southeast is their experience. Their type of work has helped us. They’ve done real estate closings for us down in the Gulf. They’ve done stuff in Illinois for us. I can’t speak enough about how their experience matters and makes a difference. You can have confidence in the things that they do.

Bart Darwin:

I think one thing that separates us far from a lot of other firms is the one-on-one interaction we have with the attorney. Usually, you’re dealing with the receptionist or secretary. You’d only see the attorney at closing maybe or only talk to the attorney at closing, but I can pick up the phone and call Mac. He’ll answer the phone right then, if I get his voicemail and leave a message? He’ll call me back in a few minutes. It’s really important. It makes you feel like they really value your business. I don’t get those phone calls that I get from some attorney as you know where you get basically do the work for them. Mac, he’s on top of everything. Makes my job a lot easier.

Mac Martinson:

I see my role as helping people get their problem solved. A lot of times, people are nervous about doing a real estate closing or they’re nervous about selling property. I just like helping them with their contracts and same thing with the lease. If we’re helping them with the commercial lease, just making sure everything’s done right. Also, with corporations, helping people, make sure that their interest is protected. Then, if the corporation didn’t work out, then helping people get out of the corporation and just protecting their rights that way. We’ve got a lot of repeat clients. I’ve got clients that come in almost the day I started working here. They’re still good clients of mine. As their needs change, their legal needs change so nothing’s too big or too small for us to handle for you.