What is a Guardian and What is a Conservator?

A guardian is a person who is charged with taking care of a protected person’s needs, as far as their health care and their welfare.

A person who is incapacitated could either be a minor who’s under the age of 19, or an elderly person who has Alzheimer’s or dementia, or even somebody who just has some psychiatric problems, such as bipolar disease or schizophrenia. They’re unable to manage their health care.

A conservator is a person who’s appointed to manage the assets of an incapacitated person. They have to be bonded. They go to the court. They file approval for all of their expenditures. They are charged with taking care of managing that person’s money and the protected person’s best interests.

It’s a proceeding that we see a lot with people who are moving in, especially in the conservatorship and elder issues.