How Do I Navigate a Legal Matter With a Government Contract?

Caleb Smith: Government contracts are regulated or subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation, or the FAR for short. They’re not like your ordinary contracts that you might purchase a car or a microwave oven. There are certain contract clauses that are mandated by the government, mandated by statute.

Most often a bid protest is going to arise when a bid proposal from a vendor is accepted or rejected by the government. These bid protests can be filed at the agency. Let’s say that we are selling tanks or missiles to the Army or the Navy. You can file that bid protest that your bid was wrongly rejected with the Army or the Navy or you can file it with the Government Accountability Office, or the GAO for short.

The timelines for filing these bid protests are very stringent, so it’s important, that if you think you’ve got a viable bid protest, that you get in and speak immediately with one of our attorneys.