When Should I Start the Estate Planning Process?

In Alabama, once you become 19 you’re able to do a last will and testament. You should really start looking at that once you have accumulated some assets in your name. If you have an insurance policy through your work, or separately, you will want to do some estate planning to see who you want the policy to go to, or who you want your assets to go to.

If you have minor children, it’s extremely important for you to get a will, because if you don’t, the court will determine who’s going to be in charge of your children. Who will be the guardian, and who will be the conservator. If you have a last will and testament, you can name who you want to be your guardian, so that they can instill the same values that you have, for your children in helping to raise them. You can also have a trustee to protect those assets.

It’s very important that you start early, so you can get on the right track. You can also do some college saving and other plans, and make sure that your estate is going to go to who you want it to.