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Mo Show Live with Rotary International President-Nominee Mark Maloney

Martinson & Beason

Tune in to the Mo Show Live on Wednesday, May 2nd at 2:00 pm (CST) where our guest will be Mark Maloney, Rotary International President-Nominee. Mark Maloney was recently selected by the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International and will be declared president-nominee October 1st if no other candidate is suggested.

Morris and Mark will be discussing what Rotary is, the organization’s mission, the growth Rotary clubs at the local, national and international level and how they serve our communities at home and abroad. As a member of the Rotary Club of Madison, Morris is proud to welcome President-Nominee Maloney to the program. Both the Rotary Club of Madison and Rotary Club of Decatur are part of Rotary District 6860.

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Mo Show Live with Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Keith

Mo Show Live with Devyn Keith

The next episode of the Mo Show Live will air Wednesday, April 11th at 3:00 central time and will feature Devyn Keith, who currently serves as the Huntsville City Councilman for District One. Morris and Councilman Keith will be discussing the growth of the City and the Huntsville metropolitan area, the challenges facing District One and the City as a whole, and Devyn’s innovative approach to municipal government.

Devyn is a Huntsville native and a proud product of the city’s community network. After graduating from Sparkman High School, he attended Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama on a full athletic scholarship. While at Samford, Devyn founded Brothers of 1 Voice (B01V), a non-profit advocating and empowering teens who aged out of state support services. Devyn was also engaged in a number of municipal projects while in Birmingham.

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Rise in “Gray” Divorces: Why people 50 and older are getting more divorces and what are the consequences

Gray Divorce

Last year, a Pew Research article noted the serious rise in “gray” divorces, those involving couples who are 50 and older (the phrase is a bit derogatory, I’ll admit). The divorce rate for people over 50 has doubled since 1990, and for people over 65, the rate has tripled in that same time span. A primary factor in the increase of these separations is the aging of the “Baby Boomer” generation, which makes up a large percentage of the population

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Planning Your Digital Legacy

In today’s world of social media, it’s important to plan not only for your physical property, but also your digital accounts. Having a well-crafted estate plan is an enormous benefit to your family and loved ones. By including instructions for your online profiles, or utilizing the memorial tools from social media, you can make things simpler for loved ones after you pass away. Here’s a look at how some popular social media platforms handle accounts of deceased or inactive members.

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Takata Recall

Takata has been dealing with airbag issues and recalls since 2008, and people affected by these defective and deadly airbags will finally start to be compensated for their injuries. Last month a United States Bankruptcy Court approved the creation of a fund for the payout of claims against Takata for their defective airbags, and you can read the details here.

The experienced attorneys at Martinson & Beason, P.C. have been following this recall closely and previously detailed many aspects of the Takata recall. We are currently evaluating personal injury claims related to the Takata airbag recall, so do not hesitate to contact us if you or someone you know has been injured by a Takata airbag.

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Mo Show Live with Mayor Paul Finley

Martinson & Beason, P.C. Advertisement with Mayor Paul FinleyThe next episode of the Mo Show Live will air Wednesday, March 28th at 3:00 central time and will feature Madison Mayor Paul Finley. Morris and Mayor Finley will be discussing the growth of Madison City and the Huntsville Metropolitan Area as a whole, maintaining quality schools, economic development, and good local governance.

Mayor Finley is a graduate of Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. He has resided in Madison, Alabama since 1995 and has three boys. Mayor Finley was first elected in November of 2008. Throughout his tenure as Mayor, he has focused on quality of life improvements, schools, the new Madison Hospital, James Clemens High School, Indian Creek Park Expansion, and many other economic development projects. [Read more…]

Court Appearance For Pet Licenses

Dog Licenses

A recent story was published on AL.com regarding the number of people being jailed over failure to register or license their pet inthe city limits. However, upon further inspection, most of these jail sentences don’t result from the underlying charge of failing to register, but instead of paying fines/fees and missing court altogether.

Regardless of the nature of the offense, missing court is a recipe for disaster because it will almost always lead to the issuance of an arrest warrant. Some of these “failure to appear” warrants do not contain a bond because the defendant has already shown that he or she cannot be trusted to show up in court when they are supposed to. Please visit our firm’s blog post regarding active warrant, including failure to appear warrants and how to address them here.

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Is There Any Civil or Criminal Liability for Mishandling Frozen Embryos?

Scientist working in embryo lab in Huntsville ALThe Washington Post recently published a story about a fertility clinic in Cleveland, Ohio that experienced a temperature malfunction that now jeopardizes nearly 2,000 frozen eggs and embryos. You may be asking, “If one of the women affected by this grave mistake were to file a case in court against the clinic, what sort of issues would likely come up? What sort of claims can be filed? Would the lab technicians face any criminal liability?” In this post, we will try to answer some of those questions by applying relevant prior cases to the basic set of facts in this matter.

The primary question at issue in this case will hinge on whether or not claims for personal injury, i.e. wrongful death, can be filed or whether the damages are strictly related to property damage.

The issue of cell, tissue, and body party ownership was most famously addressed in the Supreme Court case of Moore v. Regents of the University of California. In that case, a leukemia patient at the UCLA medical center had numerous cells and fluid excised from his body during treatment. Those cells and fluids were used to make a “cell line” that went on to be very profitable in the treatment of other leukemia patients. Moore sued to recover profits used from his cells that he claimed were stolen property. The Supreme Court disagreed with Moore stating that he abandoned that property and willingly gave over his “property”. [Read more…]

Mo Show Live with Officer Mike Bires

Mo Show Live with Mike Bires

The next episode of the Mo Show Live will air Friday, March 16th at 11:00 AM central time (9:00 AM Pacific time) and will feature officer Mike Bires of Azusa, California. Morris and Mike will be discussing law enforcement in local communities, community engagement, building personal relationships, and fostering better relations through social media.

Mike is a trusted resource for many local law enforcement agencies. He assists police departments in “branding and marketing of law enforcement agencies, officers and administrators, and the fitness, health, and nutrition of America’s law enforcement officers.”  In addition to serving as a patrol officer, he also has experience in training officers, SWAT operations, explosion operations, bike patrol, and social media management. Mike graduated from Rio Hondo College with a degree in Criminal Justice in 1997.

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Morris Lilienthal Sits Down with Ron Sykstus for Next Lawyer Up Podcast

Martinson & Beason

Martinson & Beason attorney Morris Lilienthal recently sat down for the 29th episode of the Next Lawyer Up podcast which is hosted by Ron Sykstus. Ron is the managing attorney for the Huntsville office of Bond, Botes, Sykstus, Tanner & Ezzell, & P.C.

The Next Lawyer Up podcast is a “show where lawyers talk about lawyering and how they got into law.” In addition to the practice of law, the podcast touches on news, politics, career building and philanthropy. Morris and Ron also discussed sports and Morris’s philanthropy, Team Will for the March of Dimes. Lawyers from around Alabama have been guests, including former Lt. Governor Bill Baxley, former Lt. Governor and prominent trial lawyer Jere Beasley, and U.S. Senator Doug Jones.

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