Back Injuries

Throughout our years of representing clients with injuries caused by car accidents, we have seen a range of common injuries. Injuries to the back and spine are one of the common injuries that motor vehicle accident victims experience.

The human back and spine are complex body parts that are extremely important to a person’s overall health. Damage to the bones, muscle, or tissue in the back from an auto accident can be expensive to treat and can cause long-term health issues that negatively affect a person’s ability to work for a living—especially if the job involves a lot of lifting or moving—and perform the most basic of tasks, such as laundry and yard work.

There are a variety of back and spine injuries that are caused by the trauma of car wrecks. These include disc injuries, sprains, strains, vertebrae fractures, and spinal cord injuries.

Sprains and strains involve the muscles and tissues of the back. A sprain is a torn ligament, while a strain is a torn tendon or muscle. Symptoms of both conditions include pain, bruising, swelling, and the inability to move the affected area. These injuries are generally treated by resting the area, medication, and even prolonged physical therapy.

The trauma of automobile accidents can also cause fractures to the vertebrae. This kind of fracture is more serious than the fracture of a limb, for example, because the vertebrae of the back surround the spinal cord. Fractures of the vertebrae can cause deformity of the spine, intense pain that makes it difficult to move and breathe, and even injury to the spinal cord.

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