Paralysis & Spinal Cord Injury

Paralysis is one of the most serious injuries that Martinson & Beason, P.C. Alabama car accident attorneys have seen when representing clients over the years. When the trauma of a car wreck puts extreme stress on the back and spine, the damage can result in paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries are particularly serious and often caused by car accidents. In fact, car accidents cause 46% of spinal cord injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The spinal cord relays information from the brain to the rest of the body and back. When the spinal cord is damaged, the brain is cut off from certain parts of the body, meaning that the injured person is unable to move their body and unable to feel any sensation below the injured part of the spine. This loss of feeling and movement is dependent upon both the severity of the damage and the location of the damage. A “complete” spinal cord injury, in which the person loses all feeling and movement below the injured vertebrae, is more serious than an “incomplete” injury, in which the person may maintain some feeling and movement. Paraplegia, which occurs when a person injures their spinal cord in the lower part of their back, results in paralysis of the legs, pelvis, and some or all of the trunk. Quadriplegia, which occurs when a person injures their spinal cord in high in the back or neck, results in paralysis of the hands, arms, trunk, pelvis, and legs.

Symptoms of a spinal cord injury include extreme pain or pressure in the back, head, or neck, weakness, and paralysis. Treatment varies depending on how serious the injury is but may include medication, surgery, and rehabilitation.

This type of injury is often extremely expensive to treat and can very negatively affect a person’s quality of life. Because there is no way to completely reverse damage to the spinal cord, the injury is permanent. Those who have had a spinal cord injury and are paralyzed will need long-term medical treatment and care. Those suffering from a spinal cord injury usually require extensive physical therapy and other rehabilitation. They may require the use of a wheelchair or may be confined to a bed for the remainder of their lives. In addition, those with spinal cord injuries have an increased risk of complications, such as difficulty breathing, pressure sores on the skin, muscular atrophy, nerve pain, and depression.

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