Buyer’s Remorse: Can I Cancel a Door-to-Door Sales Contract?

Federal law permits a consumer the unilateral right to rescind a consumer purchase contract for three (3) business days following a door-to-door sale. During this three day “cooling off period,” the consumer can change his or her mind and cancel the consumer purchase contract without even providing a reason to the seller. 

A door-to-door sale is defined as a sale, lease, or rental of consumer goods or services exceeding $25 in value wherein the Seller personally solicits the Buyer to purchase said goods or services at a place other than the Seller’s permanent place of business. For example, a roofing contractor making an at-home sales solicitation to a Homeowner offering to replace his roof following a tornado constitutes a door-to-door sale. The Homeowner has three business days to cancel the contract. Additionally, if the contractor performs the job before the “cooling off” period has elapsed, the roofing contractor may only take back any roofing materials used to replace the Homeowner’s roof and may not charge any labor fees.

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