Custom Motorcycles

Motorcycles offer a unique sense of freedom—not just because of the riding experience but also because of the bike itself.

You have greater freedom to customize a motorcycle than you often do a car—for aesthetics, comfort, and even performance. You can change just about anything, from the paint, to the handlebars, to the seat, to the shocks, to the air filter, to the engine internals!

If you’ve built the bike of your dreams, it’s important to protect it. Typically, motorcycle insurance doesn’t cover custom parts. This means that, if you are in an accident, you will be on the hook for much of the expensive parts.

With a custom bike, you need custom motorcycle insurance. Make sure to shop around, as not all insurance companies—even ones that offer motorcycle insurance—provide custom motorcycle insurance. (This is because custom bikes are harder to place a value on, making them more difficult to insure.) Some companies that do include custom bike insurance are Allstate, Progressive, State Farm, and Nationwide Insurance.

Before buying custom motorcycle insurance, you may want to have your bike appraised. This will help you understand how much insurance to get.

Hopefully, you never get into an accident that damages your pride and joy. However, if you do have the misfortune of getting into an accident, you’ll know that your bike’s parts can be replaced. What can’t be replaced, however, are your parts. Your health can be ruined by a motorcycle accident because, even with custom parts, your bike won’t protect you from the road or another car.

If you are seriously injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another person, it’s important to seek medical attention right away and then call a lawyer. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you put your bike and, more importantly, your life back together.

At Martinson & Beason, P.C., we understand the devastation that a motorcycle crash can cause, and we have experience helping riders get back on their feet. We will work with you every step of the way and fight for the compensation you deserve after an accident.

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