Applying for Alabama Social Security Disability

Perhaps your bills are piling up due to your disability, and you see no way out. In order to ensure your future is protected, it could be helpful to speak to an experienced Huntsville Social Security Disability attorney. It is a fact that about 36 percent of men and 31 percent of women will become disabled or will die prior to reaching the full retirement age of 65.

Many of these people, with legitimate disabilities which prevent them from working, will not pursue a social security disability claim, due to what seems like endless red tape. You may have many questions associated with applying for Alabama Social Security Disability, and the experienced Huntsville Social Security Disability attorneys of Martinson & Beason can help answer those questions.

Will I Qualify for SSD Benefits if I Have Not Worked Much in the Past Few Years?

Even if you have worked only five years out of the last ten, you may still qualify for Social Security Disability. There are a number of tests the Social Security Administration uses in order to determine your eligibility for SSD. Your earnings are converted into work credits, however the older you are, the more work credits are necessary. You must pass the recent work test and the length of work test in order to qualify for benefits. The recent work test requires you to have worked 20 of the last 40 quarters, or five of the past ten years.

The length of work test provides a table, which lists the number of work credits you need depending on the age at which you became disabled. As an example, if you became disabled at age 58, you will need nine years of work history, or if you became disabled at age 62 or older, you will need 10 years of work history. There are slightly different rules which apply to disabled persons between the ages of 24 and 31, those who are under the age of 24, and those who are considered legally blind.

The Alabama Social Security Disability Application Process

The process associated with SSD application is somewhat the same in Alabama as in other states, however there are differences. Alabama has its own state agency which will determine whether a person is disabled, and, like other states, Alabama has different approval and denial rates than other states.

  • You will begin your SSD application at your local Social Security office; your application will be reviewed, and an initial determination will be made as to whether you meet the technical requirements.
  • Your application will be passed along to the Alabama DDS, who will make the determination as to whether you will receive disability benefits and, if you are eligible for benefits, when those benefits will begin.
  • The approval rate for Social Security Disability applications in the state of Alabama is slightly lower than that of other states, with initial applications being approved about 30.3 percent of the time as opposed to the national average of 31.7 percent.

The Alabama Social Security Disability Appeals Process

If your initial application for Social Security Disability is not approved, you must go through the appeals process, which requires that you notify Social Security in writing within 60 days of your initial denial that you would like to request an appeal hearing. At your hearing, you stand a better chance of having your application approved, because you are allowed to answer questions regarding your disability as well as provide witnesses who can confirm your disability and verify the limitations you experience as a result of your disability.

Alabama has a slightly higher approval rating at the hearing level (61.6 percent, as opposed to 58.6 percent at the national level), however the average waiting period for a disability appeals hearing is 423 days. The national average waiting period for a disability hearing is 348 days. Should you receive an unfavorable decision at this first appeal hearing, you have the right to appeal to the Appeals Council, and if your disability case is denied by the Appeals Hearing, you have the option of filing a federal lawsuit.

Why Work with a Huntsville Social Security Disability Attorney?

Having a professional ensure your initial application is properly prepared, and that you have all of the medical evidence necessary to support your claim for benefits, can mean the difference between an initial approval and a denial. Should your claim be denied, you will stand a much better chance in the appeals process with a Huntsville Social Security Disability attorney by your side to represent your interests.

Statistics back up the fact that Social Security Disability applicants who have experienced legal representation are much more likely to win their SSD appeal than those who choose to go it alone. When you have a Martinson & Beason Huntsville Social Security Disability attorney handling your case, all aspects of the case, including complicated paperwork will be handled professionally and in a timely manner.

We will act as your liaison with the Social Security Administration, investigating all medical documentation and obtaining additional reports for your Social Security Disability claim. We will also ensure you are well-prepared for any required SSD hearing. The Martinson & Beason attorneys are highly rated by their former clients on Google, with more than fifty five-star reviews. With a number of additional accolades to our credit, our firm will provide quality representation for your SSD case. Call Martinson & Beason today for a free consultation.