Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions:

  1. If I’ve been denied, there’s nothing I can do about it.
    • You can appeal your claim and have it re-opened. The Attorneys of Martinson and Beason can guide you through this process.
  2. Unless I was injured in war, I don’t qualify.
    • If you served during a war period and were later injured you may qualify Non-Service connected benefits.
  3. Only veterans can apply for benefits (not spouses, children, or dependants).
    • Spouses, children, and dependants can also qualify for benefits, which may include benefits while the veteran is living and/or deceased.
  4. Unless I’m 100% disabled, I don’t qualify.
    • The VA has benefits for any veteran over the age of 65 who qualifies, and injuries that rate as low as 10% disability or higher on their scale.
  5. If I have any savings, the VA won’t help me.
    • Estate Planning and properly distributing assets are key to applying for veteran’s benefits, and our attorneys are experts at this.
  6. If I only want my family to care for me, the VA won’t compensate me.
    • The VA has benefits that will pay your family members just as they would a nurse or Aid and Attendance employee.

Filing Claims Top 10 Mistakes:

  1. Not obtaining advice from a qualified Elder Care or Accredited Veterans Attorney.
  2. Assuming you don’t qualify
  3. Not signing the form properly
  4. Not filling out all the necessary forms.
  5. Filling out the forms incorrectly.
  6. Filling out the wrong forms.
  7. Applying for benefits when not eligible.
  8. Applying for benefits but not knowing which benefits to apply for (Compensation, Pension, Aid and Attendance, etc.).
  9. Not providing supporting documentation.
  10. Not disclosing necessary information.