Columbia, Tennessee Car Accident Attorney

Have you suffered injury from an auto accident in Columbia, Tennessee? If your injuries were more than minor, and the other driver was responsible for the accident, it can be very beneficial to call a personal injury attorney to get the help you need. Columbia is the Maury County seat, and has been working since 1983 to re-energize historic downtown Columbia as the hub for social and economic activity. Nine fatal accidents occurred in Columbia in 2013, placing Columbia considerably above the Tennessee state average for fatal accidents. Sr-6 Nashville Highway was the location for two of the fatal accidents. Maury County rates 21st in overall crash rates and 79th in the number of fatal auto accidents. Columbia is easily reached by taking U.S. Highway 412, south of Nashville, to Hwy 31, following it south.

Motor vehicle injuries must be addressed sooner, rather than later, due to the statute of limitations, which is a period of time in which you must file your personal injury suit, or be forever barred from doing so. The state of Tennessee has a one-year statute of limitations, making it crucial that you file your suit as soon as possible. Finding an attorney who has compassion for your injuries, and will fight aggressively for your future, is a true gift, and can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. In order to read a more comprehensive guide about car accidents, click here, then read below for the answers to some of your car accident questions.

Was Your Auto Accident Caused by a Defect or Flawed Design?

Most everyone has heard about the Toyota vehicles which had sticking gas pedals, the GM vehicles with faulty ignition switches, as well as the more recent Takata airbag scandals. Older people may remember the Firestone tire debacle as well as other defective automobile problems. Many of the manufacturing defects center around the brakes on vehicles, whether defects of the rotors, drums or pads. Whatever the defect, the brakes fail, or do not work as intended. ABS brakes have been shown to be more likely to be involved in fatal rollover accidents than any other type of brakes, although braking systems are complex, and, as such, can fail for a multitude of reasons. Tires, while certainly safer than those from two or three decades ago, may still have defects which lead to separation of the tread, and resulting car collisions.

What Other Auto Defects Can Result in an Automobile Accident?

There have been reports of poorly designed gas tanks which resulted in leaks or explosion as well as defective airbags which failed to deploy during a crash, or deployed with extreme force, injuring the passengers inside. Seat belt latches can fail, or a seat belt may apply undue force, leading to secondary impact injuries. In some cases, these secondary impact injuries can be worse than those from the crash itself. Door latches may also fail, leading to a door opening during a crash, leaving the passenger vulnerable to serious injuries.

There are essentially two types of automobile defects which can cause serious injury or even death. First, there could be a defect in the actual design. If the defect which caused the injury or death is inherent to the design of the part, rather than the actual production of the part, it could be a design defect. In this case a court may be forced to determine whether the blueprint of the part in question shows the part was unreasonably dangerous. The second type of defect is a manufacturing defect. A manufacturing defect is the result of an error made during manufacturing rather than a problem with the original design. A manufacturing defect can be more complex, as the plaintiff must show the accident would not have occurred if the error in assembly or manufacturing had not happened. If the condition of the vehicle is particularly bad following the crash, it may be impossible to determine whether the part in question had a manufacturing defect.

We rely on our vehicles to take us safely to and from place to place on a daily basis. We are a nation of drivers. We commute to work, take the children to school, run errands, go to church, visit friends, go out to eat, go to the movies, and take vacations in our vehicles. We assume our vehicles are well designed and safely built, and that if we exercise reasonable care, those same vehicles will protect us from harm. When these safety features go wrong, having a skilled personal injury attorney who is also well-versed in product liability law, can be crucial. To learn more, see our Injury Guide Resources.

What are the Primary Factors Which Contribute to Auto Accidents?

In 1891 the first recorded automobile accident took place in Ohio when James Lambert hit a tree root in the road, then crashed into a nearby hitching post. While vehicle safety has improved since that time, the number of cars and drivers has also increased—enormously. According to research reported in 2012, there were certain cars which were more likely to be involved in an accident, including the Chevy Cobalt, the Subaru Impreza and the Honda Civic. Another study targeted the color of vehicles, finding black vehicles are 12 percent more likely to be involved in a car collision than vehicles of other colors. For reasons difficult to pinpoint, those who drive a hybrid vehicle are about 25 percent less likely to be involved in an auto accident.

Is Driver Error a Factor in Auto Accidents?

Driver error is one of the top factors involved in auto accidents. Driver error means the driver knew better, but engaged in such behaviors as failure to yield, tailgating, speeding, passing unsafely, or running stop lights and stop signs, anyhow. Driver error is followed closely by distracted driving. Rather than concentrate on driving, we are a nation of multi-taskers and technology-lovers—two things that can lead to auto accidents. Statistics vary on just how large a factor driver impairment is, but most place the numbers between 15 and 30 percent of all car crashes being the result of an impaired driver.  Whatever the cause of your auto accident, you might be interested in reading more about auto collision causes here.

Do You Need Legal Help Following Your Auto Accident?

Being involved in an automobile accident with injuries can be traumatic.  You need an advocate in your corner who truly cares about your future. The Columbia, TN personal injury attorneys at Martinson & Beason, P.C. have been protecting people like you since 1937. For quality legal representation, call us today for a free consultation.