Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, it can be extremely beneficial to speak to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney at the earliest possible opportunity. Lawrenceburg is located in Lawrence County, approximately 85 miles southwest of Nashville. The Lawrence County area is connected with major arterial and interstate highways such as State Highways 43 and 64, and Interstate 65. Over half of the population in the state of Tennessee is located within 600 miles of Lawrenceburg and Lawrence County. The incidence of fatal automobile accidents in Lawrenceburg was slightly above that of the state of Tennessee during 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Lawrence County ranks 54th in overall crash rates in the state and 62nd in fatal crash rates. Decatur, Alabama is 50 miles south of Lawrenceburg, while Nashville, Tennessee is approximately 71 miles north. With a population of more than half a million, many Lawrenceburg residents take advantage of the entertainment, shopping, recreation and eating opportunities in Nashville. Other Lawrenceburg residents work in neighboring cities, requiring a daily commute. More driving results in a higher risk of being in an automobile accident. If you have been injured in a car crash, first ensure your injuries are taken care of. After that, it is important to think ahead, and ensure your future is protected. To read more about car accidents, click here, then continue reading below in order to gain immediate information.

Have You Suffered Soft Tissue Injuries Following a Car Crash?

Any damage which occurs to a person’s skin, muscles, internal organs, ligaments or tendons fall under the umbrella of soft tissue injuries. Bruises, damage to muscles and ligaments, strains and sprains are very common following an auto accident. While insurance companies tend not to take soft tissue injuries nearly as seriously as they warrant, in fact these types of injuries can be very difficult to resolve. Those who suffer soft tissue injuries can require months of rehabilitation in order to return to some semblance of normality. In some instances, it can take years for the soft tissue injury to resolve, with chronic pain and difficulty performing routine activities an unfortunate by-product.

Many soft tissue injuries do not manifest directly after the accident and may appear days or even weeks later. One reason for this is that during an accident, the body releases adrenaline which can block the feelings of pain until the adrenaline wears off. Far too often, those involved in an car accident will refuse medical treatment, truly believing they are “fine.” When they later realize they are not fine at all, the insurance company may balk at paying for the medical expenses. Soft tissue injuries can render the victim unable to work for a period of time, and, in some cases, for extended periods of time.

Is Whiplash One of the Most Common Soft-Tissue Injuries?

Being involved in an auto accident—even one at low speeds—jolts the body. Hard braking, or bracing against the impact can lead to even more jerking and snapping of the body. The force of the impact causes the soft tissues of the body to stretch further than they were meant to stretch, potentially damaging them in the process. The result can be pain, swelling, loss of function and bleeding. X-rays may fail to detect soft tissue injuries, resulting in many juries not awarding equitable compensation to a person with soft tissue injury because it cannot be definitively proven with standard medical tests. Whiplash is one of the most common forms of soft tissue injury, occurring when the victim’s head jerks violently forward, then backward. Such extreme motions take the muscles and ligaments of the neck far beyond their normal range of motion; the weight of the head adds extra pressure to the neck. Rear-end accidents are the most common cause of whiplash injuries, yet attempting to receive compensation for a whiplash or other soft tissue injury can be complex and time-consuming. To find out more about common injuries suffered from automobile accidents, click here.

How Will a Rear-End Collision Affect Your Future?

Many rear-end accidents, even though they typically occur at lower speeds, can cause serious injury to the driver and passengers in the front car. The National Safety Council estimates that of the approximate 6 million annual car crashes, more than 2.5 million are rear-end collisions. Generally speaking, drivers should maintain one car length of distance for each ten miles per hour of speed. Using this formula, a driver who is traveling at 60 mph should allow at least six car lengths between him and the car in front. When bad weather is a factor, or poor roadway conditions exist, that distance should be increased accordingly.

Does Driver Distraction Contribute to Rear-End Collisions?

Driving while distracted is quickly moving into the number one slot as a cause of automobile accidents, and perhaps even more so in rear-end collisions. As a nation of multitaskers, we go to great lengths to accomplish more than just driving while behind the wheel. Any distracting activity can result in a sudden, jolting, rear-end collision. In most cases, a rear-end collision is the fault of the driver in the rear, however there are circumstances in which the driver in front stops with no warning. Other drivers may exhibit hesitant behavior at intersections, slamming on the brakes before the light even turns yellow. In some cases of a rear-end collision, the rear bumper of the car in front may not be built as strong as it should to prevent injury to the passengers inside. Unfortunately, government standards are fairly lax in this area, leaving car manufacturers to design rear bumpers primarily for looks. For more information regarding the types of car accidents, click here.

Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help After Your Auto Accident?

Since many insurance companies resist paying for whiplash and other soft-tissue injuries, receiving compensation for your Lawrenceburg car accident and resulting injuries can be full of complexities. You may have many medical expenses which are expected to be ongoing for a significant length of time, and you may have missed a considerable amount of work, meaning you have not had the benefit of a regular paycheck. A personal injury attorney from the firm of Martinson & Beason, P.C. will aggressively fight for your rights, while remaining compassionate to your issues associated with the accident. Our attorneys will navigate the legal maze on your behalf, protecting you just as we have been protecting people since 1937. Call Martinson & Beason, P.C. today for a free consultation.