Shelbyville, Tennessee Car Accident Attorney

Those who are injured in a car accident in Shelbyville, Tennessee may be facing extensive medical treatments and expenses, property damage, and an inability to return to work and earn a living. Auto accidents can have very far-reaching effects, leaving the victim unable to return to his or her day-to-day life for a significant length of time. Shelbyville, a city in Bedford County saw seven people killed in auto accidents in 2013. This put the city well above the Tennessee state average for auto accident fatalities in 2013. These fatal accidents occurred on Gowan Drive, Cr-Narrows Road, US 41a, and at the intersection of US-231 and Brookhaven Circle.

Bedford County ranked 24th across the state of Tennessee for auto crashes, and 37th in fatal crashes. As the county seat of Bedford County, Shelbyville is located about 50 miles southeast of Nashville. Home to many agri-businesses and manufacturing companies, Shelbyville is experiencing significant growth. This growth leads to increased levels of traffic, which, in turn, leads to more auto accidents. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle crash in Shelbyville, you might want to read our Car Accident Guide for more in-depth information. Below you will find additional information about car accidents and their aftermath.

Who are the More Dangerous Drivers—Teens or Senior Citizens?

While you may hear a fair amount of grumbling regarding senior drivers, in reality we should worry much more about the teenager behind the wheel. Teens, especially teen boys, can be full of excess confidence regarding skills they have yet to acquire. This could be a contributing factor in the number of fatal automobile crashes among teenage boys. While less than one percent of those over the age of 65 will die in an auto collision, the primary cause of death in young men and women between 15 and 20 are car crashes. If you are a parent who worries every time your teen drives away—you have reason to be. If you worry every time your elderly parents drive away, statistics show you have much less reason to do so.

While senior citizens may not have perfect eyesight, reflexes or hearing, they may make up for these deficiencies by the driving experience they have gained over decades of driving. Of course there are some typical senior driving behaviors which can be dangerous, perhaps most especially driving slower than the posted speed limit in the left-hand lane. Otherwise, senior citizens are good at focusing on the task at hand—driving. Overall, elderly drivers are aware of their limitations and will curtail their driving as their abilities decrease.

Are Young Drivers the Most Dangerous Drivers on the Road?

Making up about six percent of the licensed driving population, young drivers are the complete antithesis of elderly drivers. More than fourteen percent of those involved in a fatal car accident are young drivers. These drivers not only lack experience, they often lack a healthy dose of fear. Teens tend to drive faster than the posted speed limit, and are subject to the distractions of having other teens in the car with them. Teen drivers are more likely to text and drive or to use their cell phones while driving. Finally, teen drivers can make poor decisions regarding drinking and driving or driving while high. If you have a teen driver, it is imperative you ensure he or she has driven extensively with a parent or other adult in the car prior to driving alone or with other teens. To learn more about injuries sustained in a car crash, click here.

Where is the Safest Place in the Car to Sit?

There are many types of car accidents; if you want more information about auto collisions, read our more in-depth guide. Anyone who typically calls “shotgun” in order to sit in the coveted front passenger seat might want to re-think that decision. Recent studies have shown sitting in the front passenger seat places you at the highest risk for serious injury should an accident occur. Those who sit in the front passenger seat have as much as a 25 percent higher risk of dying in an auto collision as opposed to the back seat. The driver will even fare better than the person in this seat because drivers tend to automatically steer away from the impact prior to a collision.

As children, virtually no one wanted to be stuck in the middle of the back seat, however this is actually the safest position in the vehicle, assuming you are wearing a three-point safety harness. University of Buffalo researchers found the back seat is 59-86 percent safer than the front seat, and being in the middle of the back seat is 25 percent safer than being next to a window. If your vehicle is equipped with a third row seat, you may have a safety issue. These seats are currently governed by 32-year old strength and safety standards, meaning they are not as strong as you would hope in the event of an accident. In the event of a rear-end collision, those in the third-row seat are particularly vulnerable to injury.

Do You Need Legal Help Following Your Auto Accident with Injury?

Wherever you are sitting during your Shelbyville car accident, if you sustained injury due to the negligence of another, it is time to call an experienced personal injury attorney. You need an advocate who will fight for your future, and the personal injury attorneys at Martinson & Beason, P.C. have been protecting people just like you since 1937. Call us today for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.